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It was a beautiful autumn morning on the deck overlooking the sparkling pool surrounded by lush tropical gardens. With the warmth of the sun bathing me in it’s radiance, I relaxed at the end of my first Iyengar Style Yoga class in a heightened state of awareness – and felt the first urges to write in my blog again. I had lost all inspiration to write for weeks, and now suddenly I could hear the faint beginnings of a post gestating as I savored the experience.

I spent most of last year sitting at a computer, so this year I was determined to get into physical activities and enjoy life. Apart from walking and swimming, I’ve been going to a personal trainer which has been great to wake up the muscles and strengthen the body, but I decided my body is more suited to yoga. Yoga is a more conscious and balanced form of exercise to create wellbeing and inner strength.

Mark and Paula Cave

Mark and Paula Cave

My friends Mark and Paula Cave have offered classes on their deck on Saturday mornings – which is a fantastic way to start the weekend. The class included both men, women and children, and we all just managed to fit on the deck!

This was my first experience of having a high level of instruction with both Mark and Paula helping to adjust the poses where needed, offering structural guidance and support. We worked on opening up the chest and had a good all over workout with assistance from using props and belts.  Mark said the poses help to release accumulated toxins etc, but I had no idea what else it would release and open up!

I have practiced yoga on and off for years and have been to classes commonly known as Housewives Yoga – as only women turn up! For some pictures of ‘Housewives of Yoga’ from the 50’s click here

I look forward to attending weekly classes as yoga obviously benefits the mind, body and soul. Due to the popularity of the classes Mark and Paula are going to offer evening classes at a larger venue in Murwillumbah next term and I wish them great success.


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