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After spending more than 2 weeks stranded in Cudgen Creek at Kingscliff, the last 2 Bottlenose Dolphins were caught and successfully taken back to the ocean, where they were released to hopefully rejoin their pod. To view video footage of the rescue click here

Surfers around here are very familiar with dolphins riding waves alongside them, but there is a magical quality about encountering these unique creatures which land lovers rarely experience.

The dolphins certainly created interest for locals as we were made aware of how the unpredictable nature of the constantly changing ocean and estuary can affect it’s inhabitants – as they arrived with the high tide and were unable to leave.

They were being monitored daily by Australian Seabird RescueNational Parks and Wildlife Service and had been assessed by experts from SeaWorld. They also maintained an exclusion zone marked by buoys and anyone who violated that was warned they will be fined.

We spent some time at Cudgen Creek on Australia Day captivated by the dolphins frolicking in the water as we viewed them from different vantage points. I took many photos trying to capture an image of the dolphins suddenly appearing before submerging into the waters again. Here’s an image I managed to catch with more than one fin showing!

Dolphins in Cudgen Creek

Dolphins in Cudgen Creek, Kingscliff

It was an experience for everyone seeing the dolphins, but as the high tides came and went and the days turned into weeks, many became concerned about their welfare.

Cudgen Creek

For dolphin images and 12 Facts About Dolphins that you Must Know click here


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The Ukitopia Festival Opening Ceremony on Saturday was exceptional and I love watching the YouTube videos that I made about the Wishing Wall and Be the Love.

Not only was there non-stop entertainment on the Main Stage in Uki Village all day on Sunday, the famous monthly Uki Buttery Bazaar was in full swing also. There were many interesting stalls and a line-up of entertainment and activities at the Buttery Market stage.

The little village was packed with people keen to see and experience all that was on offer. The Images of Uki Art Exhibition was most impressive and the Uki Primary School held their 1st Annual Eco-Expo.

Fresh Organic Vegies from Bio Organic Farm

Fresh Organic Vegies from Bio Organic Farm

Zehvitt and her husband Avi from Bio Organic Farm grow certified organic fruit and vegies and have recently opened a stall to the public on their property at Byangum.

Solarwise Hot Water

Solarwise Hotwater

James from Solarwise Hotwater was glad to be in the shade and Mt Warning Spring Water next to him should have been doing a roaring trade as it was so hot!

I learn’t a lot about the environmentally friendly and sustainable options available and was amazed at all the local businesses and groups there to share their knowledge. Free workshops were available throughout the day and the Uki Kids Club had activities for the kids.

I spoke with the new Principal Jeff Robinson (who was once my son’s teacher) and he was very happy with the day and looks forward to it being bigger and better next year.

Caldera Art Display

Caldera Art Display

Caldera Art and the Rainforest Information Centre had a lovely display with art students working on their latest creations under the tutelage of Andy Reimanis.

Art Student Regina in residence

Art Student Regina at work

For a slide show, click the link Ukitopia Festival 2009 Photo Gallery

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With a great line up of entertainment, workshops, exhibitions, an Eco-Expo and more – there’s definitely something for everyone at the Ukitopia Festival this weekend November 14th & 15th, held in the historic Village of Uki

Everyone is invited to come and celebrate the unique community that is Uki, nestled at the base of Mt Warning in the Tweed Valley. I’ve always had a soft spot for Uki as I fell in love with the area when I first came here in the early 80’s, and I still enjoy the community atmosphere that pervades the town.

Starting on Saturday there are programs for the kids, live music, workshops, dancing under the stars, and the Anglican Church will host a special concert with doors opening at 7pm.

The Images of Uki Art Exhibition in the Uki Hall opens at 5.45 pm on Saturday and will display over 100 artworks by Tweed Artists, with 25% of all sales going to Ukitopia Arts Collective.

The Uki Buttery Bazaar that is on every 3rd Sunday of the month has been part of the north coast market circuit for as long as I’ve been around here. It’s still a genuine old style trash and treasure market, but this Sunday it will be extra special with a line-up of entertainment all day at the Buttery Market Stage and the Main Stage at Hall Park.

To view the great line up of events click here

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I look forward to enjoying the second annual Ukitopia Festival celebrating Uki life, Arts and Culture this weekend 14th & 15th November. The little Uki Village will come alive with 2 days of performances, workshops and exhibitions.

Beginning with live music on stage Saturday afternoon, continuing into the night with dancing under the stars. There will be a creative space for lantern and flag making, and a wishing wall. There are so many activities organised I can’t list them all, for more information on events click here

The first Annual Eco-Expo will be held in the Uki Public School grounds. The expo will provide a platform for environmentally friendly and sustainable living businesses to provide information about, display and sell a variety of products and services within the community. For more about the expo click here

Ukitopia Arts Collective was founded in 2008 to nurture, support, and promote arts and culture in Uki and district, through initiating events and programs that bring the arts to the community and the community to the arts. This is a community event not to be missed!

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When the annual Murwillumbah Agricultural Show comes to town the children are always excited to visit the animals and exhibits, with their schools on the Friday, then take their parents later to spend all their money on the rides and sideshow alley!

Alot of towns on the north coast have an annual show, complete with Rodeo, and all the events of a traditional country show. This year there is a Ute and Push Bike Show which will celebrate utes and sustainable transport with a donation to Greening Australia.
To download the program and events click here

Sammy is in for a busy week-end.  He’s agreed to meet and greet people at the Friends of the Hound stand at the Murwillumbah Show on Friday. He’ll be there with Gypsy for people to pat and talk to greyhounds, for many people a rare experience, because greyhounds are mostly seen as a flash on a TV monitor.

Sammy and Gypsy

Sammy and Gypsy

On Saturday there’ll be other greyhounds from Friends of the Hound as Sammy will be in Grafton at the Jacaranda Festival where he will lead the parade of greyhounds for the main race.

The show is on this Friday and Saturday November 6th & 7th at the Murwillumbah Showgrounds and admission is free. There is something for everyone with live bands both nights and the fireworks spectacular grand finale on Saturday night.

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I just wanted to pass on this opportunity to see the international and award winning film Rainforest – The Secret of Life this Sunday night 1st November at 7.30pm on ABC.


I’m assured by a friend that it is well worth watching, fantastic vision and has really great information. It was filmed right on our doorstep, all around the Mt Warning caldera on the Qld – NSW border, our beautiful north coast, by David Warth of Byron Bay and narrated by Jack Thompson – so I wouldn’t miss it!

Rainforest – The secret of life, intimately follows the life and death struggles of the creatures of the rainforest. This documentary captures footage of extremely rare animals, like the amazing Albert’s Lyrebird, which is found nowhere else on Earth. This unique rainforest is home to many rare and endangered species, and is connected to many of the other rainforests around the world.

The film takes a very intimate look into the life in our local rainforests and then incorporates the latest scientific information on how rainforests are an integral part of the planets air conditioning system.

It has won a Gold Award and the Golden Tripod Award for Wildlife and Nature films from the Australian Cinematographers Society and the Jules Verne festival award for Nature films in Paris. It has recently been nominated for an award at the CMS Vatavaran environmental Film Festival in New Delhi India.
For more information click here

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I have often been entranced by the ostensible beauty of Julian Rocks, sitting there majestically while scuba divers explore it’s surrounds. I’ve had no urge to go Scuba Diving, but after looking at videos of the underwater life at Julian Rocks, and reading about the thrill people get from experiencing the beauty and power of the underwater world – I’ve put it on my must-do list.

Julian Rocks

Julian Rocks

A story from the Bundjalung people is that a jealous husband threw his spear at the canoe of his wife and her lover. The canoe broke in two and sank to the bottom of the ocean. Only the back and the front of the boat stuck out of the water, creating a rock formation just 2.5 km off shore.

Named by Captain Cook in 1776, Julian Rocks became part of Cape Byron Marine Park in November 2002

Here’s a YouTube video showing the beauty of the underwater world at Julian Rocks Marine Reserve

For more information about Julian Rocks and the marine life click here

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