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Our gorgeous 13 year old son went to Sydney to sing in the Schools Choral Festival at The Opera House, so my husband and I decided to go to the beach at Byron Bay and enjoy the early morning sunshine.

Unfortunately the northerly winds beat us to it, and even though there was a very strong wind blowing there was still a lot of activity going on: people paddling kayaks furiously against the wind, scuba dive boats going to Julian Rocks, sunbathers, people enjoying a morning walk, desperate surfers – but it was perfect weather for the kite flyer’s!

Wategoes Beach

View of Mt Warning and Border Ranges from Cape Byron Walking Track - Kayaks in foreground

We decided to park at Wategoes Beach at the bottom of The Cape, and take the Cape Byron Walking Track and climb uphill to the lighthouse. It’s always nice to be reminded how friendly people are when sharing a beautiful walk and fantastic scenery. It’s like being on holidays for the day – I’d recommend it to anyone!

Sometimes when you are lucky there may be a pod of dolphins frolicking near by, or in the Whale Watching Season you may spot a whale. My legs were in a bit of shock at first, but it was worth the fantastic views and seeing how they’ve improved the track since I last traversed it years ago. The walking track is part of the Cape Byron Headland Reserve. Click here for more information

It used to be a goat track – which reminds me – there are no mountain goats on the headland anymore. Does anyone remember seeing the mountain goats on the steep cliffs years ago. I think they were taken away because they were not environmentally friendly!

For more information about Cape Byron Walking Track click here

Cape Byron Lighthouse

Cape Byron Lighthouse

Byron Bay is always a fabulous day out, and take the tip about parking at Wateoges Beach if you prefer to save yourself the $7 fee to park at the lighthouse – and have a good workout too!

To view a travel site about Byron Bay with lovely photos click here


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