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Adobe Community Help is an online support service that enables you to find the best answers for your Adobe product questions.

Here’s a video on how Adobe Community Help brings together instruction, inspiration and support from Adobe and community experts around the world.

People are probably aware of Adobe Reader and Adobe Flash Player, but Adobe is a huge company with many software products.
To view products click here

If the Adobe Community Help can’t give you the guidance you are looking for, I would suggest searching on Scribd

Most people are familiar with Adobe Photoshop for editing images and my Photoshop tutorial on Scribd has been very popular.


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In my Cert IV Web Design class at Kingscliff TAFE we are taught many different practical tools for use on the net and to get us out there testing what works.

Scribd is the largest social publishing company in the world, where tens of millions of people each month publish and discover original writings and documents. On Scribd, you can turn nearly any file into a web document and share it with the world. To view an article about how Scribd can substantially increase your viewing audience, click here

I have made some tutorials and uploaded them to my Scribd account, creating my own online library. By making the tutorials about lessons I want to remember, not only do I get practical experience re-creating the steps and have an on-line reference for the future, I am testing what information is needed by others out there on the web.

Adobe InDesign has become the industry standard for creating professional layouts and compiling content for printing and digital publishing. Last week we were taught some basics of using InDesign and I created a tutorial on Creating Hyperlinks in PDF files for on-line publishing and posted it as Blogging and Adobe InDesign Tutorial.

Yesterday I made a tutorial on Importing a PDF file into Adobe Indesign. I have embed it into this post for ease of viewing and because I can!!

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There are millions of sites out there on the net and in my Web Design course we are taught many different methods for creating a profile on the net and getting your website/business/product known.

Blogging is a tool that can be used to share your creativity with the world, network, become famous, help on-line businesses lift their rankings, make money or connect with people who share interests, activities and information. Linking to other sites is a good way to create online connections.

Some other students of Web Design have created WordPress blogs associated with their profession or business. One such student has posted a very informative article about the Therapeutic Benefits of Massage on her blog. To view Yaninayoga’s blog click here

Scribd is a very popular service that people use to share information and creating links to their sites is one method for attracting visitors. I like sharing information and I have created a tutorial on Creating a Hyperlink in PDF File Using Adobe InDesign CS4 as people have had trouble making hyperlinks work in PDF files when uploaded to Scribd.

I have embed the tutorial here so people can print or download immediately. I also have created a tutorial on How to Embed a Scribd Document into a WordPress Blog

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Sometimes people have problems inserting YouTube videos into a WordPress blog using the Embed code method. I have created a new WordPress Tutorial on Inserting YouTube Video into a WordPress Blog Using URL Code after learning about this method in class, and I uploaded it to Scribd. Within 24 hours it has had over 100 reads, so there definitely seems to be a need for it.

A friend in class has a great blog for her Active Body Therapies Massage and has created a document on 4 Ways Office Workers Can Benefit From Sports Massage which is very informative.
To view document and more click here

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I recently made an Eggless Date and Ginger Cake with spelt flour and uploaded the recipe to Scribd – which is a document sharing service known as ‘The YouTube for Documents’. It was started in 2007 to share a wide range of documents and now claims to have 10 million documents uploaded.

I looked for a tutorial on embeding a Scribd Document into a WordPress Blog and the one I found was out of date as Scribd had obviously upgraded since it was made. I wanted to embed the recipe into my blog so I explored the site and discovered how it’s done. I decided to make a Tutorial on How to Embed a Scridb Document into a WordPress Blog (shown below) as I like to create things and share them.

The first tutorial I made and uploaded to Scribd was How to Insert YouTube Video into a WordPress Blog. To view tutorial click here

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For those that haven’t heard about Scribd, it’s known as the ‘YouTube for documents’. The service lets you share documents, presentations, and PDFs online. Scribd has recently added social features to encourage users to become friends and comment on documents.

I was introduced to Scribd in my Web Design course and have found that it is a valuable resource for information. It was started in 2007 to share a wide range of documents and now claims to have 10 million documents uploaded.

I enjoy taking photos and using Photoshop to manipulate images and creating things. I have created a tutorial for making Rounded Corners on Images with a Transparent Background using Photoshop CS4, and uploaded it to Scribd.

To view my tutorial click here

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Byron Bay is the most easterly point of Australia and has the most magnificent beaches and scenery. It’s a very cosmopolitan town comprising a mixture of globetrotters, sophisticates, artistans and very colourful people.

Belongil Beach Byron Bay

Belongil Beach Byron Bay

View from Wategoes Beach

Wategoes Beach

Here’s an interesting video about Byron Bay and includes an interview with environmental artist, John Dahlsen.

For those interested in blogging, I created and uploaded a tutorial to Scribd on Inserting YouTube Video into a WordPress Blog.

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