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In my Cert IV Web Design class at Kingscliff TAFE we are taught many different practical tools for use on the net and to get us out there testing what works.

Scribd is the largest social publishing company in the world, where tens of millions of people each month publish and discover original writings and documents. On Scribd, you can turn nearly any file into a web document and share it with the world. To view an article about how Scribd can substantially increase your viewing audience, click here

I have made some tutorials and uploaded them to my Scribd account, creating my own online library. By making the tutorials about lessons I want to remember, not only do I get practical experience re-creating the steps and have an on-line reference for the future, I am testing what information is needed by others out there on the web.

Adobe InDesign has become the industry standard for creating professional layouts and compiling content for printing and digital publishing. Last week we were taught some basics of using InDesign and I created a tutorial on Creating Hyperlinks in PDF files for on-line publishing and posted it as Blogging and Adobe InDesign Tutorial.

Yesterday I made a tutorial on Importing a PDF file into Adobe Indesign. I have embed it into this post for ease of viewing and because I can!!


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There are millions of sites out there on the net and in my Web Design course we are taught many different methods for creating a profile on the net and getting your website/business/product known.

Blogging is a tool that can be used to share your creativity with the world, network, become famous, help on-line businesses lift their rankings, make money or connect with people who share interests, activities and information. Linking to other sites is a good way to create online connections.

Some other students of Web Design have created WordPress blogs associated with their profession or business. One such student has posted a very informative article about the Therapeutic Benefits of Massage on her blog. To view Yaninayoga’s blog click here

Scribd is a very popular service that people use to share information and creating links to their sites is one method for attracting visitors. I like sharing information and I have created a tutorial on Creating a Hyperlink in PDF File Using Adobe InDesign CS4 as people have had trouble making hyperlinks work in PDF files when uploaded to Scribd.

I have embed the tutorial here so people can print or download immediately. I also have created a tutorial on How to Embed a Scribd Document into a WordPress Blog

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As a student of web design we are encouraged to explore the net and keep up with the dynamic and constantly changing world wide web.

Being involved with the web has taken me out of my small environment (being a wife and mother for over 20 years) into the larger sphere, where everyday there is something new to learn, something of interest to explore – click a link here, click a link there – I never know where it will take me!

Even though this blog is about living on the beautiful north coast, the net is our interface that brings us together, and I hope people will find some web related posts interesting also.

Yesterday I saw an article about Twitter changing it’s terms of service, and I didn’t know you could do so many things on Twitter until I found an interesting blog post about 13 Things to do on Twitter Besides Tweet.

I also updated my profile in Facebook where I noticed a friend had twittered about having over 200,000 visitors to his Acoustic Guitarist Blog in 2 years – so it certainly is a quick and effective way to get your message out there.

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