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Just what I need to start the year with – a Dangerously Poetic workshop being held near Byron Bay that might inspire most anything.  It’s not just for poets, more about connecting to your inner creative.

A one day retreat into stillness and the power of the word…

After the parties and holiday festivities, why not bring your soul to gentleness? Come into the still pastures of Possum Creek for a day of mindful connection with yourself and your inner voice.

“Put your ear down close to your soul and listen hard.”
–Anne Sexton


“A Feather on the breath of God”:
All spiritual traditions have called on the rhythm and repetition of language to communicate with the Divine.  Whether it be prayer, psalms, petitions, songs of praise, sutras— all these are forms of poetry.

For both those new to putting words to the page and more seasoned writers, this workshop is an opportunity to access inner wisdom and express it. Working together in a safe, nurturing circle, this is a practice and not about perfection. Through meditating on sacred poetry, exploring sound and silence, we will open to our own divine voices.

Sounds great to me – hope to see you there!

When: Friday, 29th of January 9:30-4:30 pm.

Where: Possum Creek Retreat Centre off Possum Creek Road
Tuition: $ 75. Or $65. DP members

Facilitator: Laura Jan Shore, author of historical novel, The Sacred Moon Tree, and poetry collection, Breathworks, is President of Dangerously Poetic Press. Her poems have appeared in The Weekend Australian, Blue Dog, Famous Reporter, Five Bells, Yellow Moon, Eucalypt, Verandah, Poetrix,Takahe and Radio National’s Poetica. Co- editor of 8 poetry books, she has taught poetry and creative writing for 25 years both on the North Coast and in the U.S.

To enrol: Contact Laura on 66801-967 or email-lshore@linknet.com.au

Dangerously Poetic is an incorporated community group seeking to encourage, publish and promote quality poetry from the Northern Rivers region of New South Wales, Australia.

For more information about Dangerously Poetic Press click here


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Byron Bay on the north coast of NSW, is a very unique town with magnificent beaches and spectacular views to the mountains.

What I always realise after travelling overseas is that Australia has many beautiful stretches of unspoilt white sand beaches and I am lucky that I don’t have to travel far. My husband and I often take day trips to Byron Bay and always enjoy our visits. On our last visit I took alot of photos, but have just a few on show here.
Can you guess what this picture is of?

Byron Bay Art

Byron Bay Art

View from the Pass

View from The Pass Carpark

More Byron Bay Art

Respect the Bay

Overlooking Tallows Beach

Overlooking Tallows Beach

For more of my posts about Byron Bay click here

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I got the message from fellow TAFE student Dale Simone Roberts to spread the word about the preview screening of OUR GENERATION, the long awaited documentary on Aboriginal rights in Australia at the Byron Bay Community & Cultural Centre on Tuesday December 8th.

This will be followed by Q & A with the filmmakers and a special free gig by dub groove favourite Oka. To check out the sounds of Oka click here

This project started out in June 2007 and is being independently funded, so that its message can stay clear, truthful and uncompromised. There will also be special screenings across Australia (including remote Aboriginal communities), as well as educational outreach through schools and universities.

Our Generation Documentary on Aboriginal Rights

Date: Tuesday 8th December
Venue: Byron Bay Community Centre
Time: 7.30pm
Tickets: $15 from venue box office (02) 6685 6807 and Planet Corroboree

For more information and to view the trailer for the film click here


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Have you heard about the Byron Events Calendar? It’s an on-line Community Noticeboard and Directory for the Rainbow Region. If you’re into dance, music, art, meditation, yoga, martial arts, personal development, you name it – there’s always something going on, in, and around Byron Bay.

The Byron Events Calendar is a great resource of workshops, retreats and events happening around Byron Bay, plus, it includes some events at other major cities on the east coast of Australia. I have found it worthwhile to peruse the Byron Events Calendar for interesting activities as it lists some events that are not advertised in the local Byron Shire Echo newspaper and around the traps.

Late last year I was excited to find a workshop listed on Byron Events Calendar and I knew instantly that I needed to attend it. It was a 3 day workshop on voice and self expression with Maniko from America and it helped me to find my real voice through the medium of writing.

We had to write a song, which was overwhelmingly daunting to me, but after breaking through the barriers of self doubt, I gained confidence in my ability to write and explore more avenues of writing expression. I also attended her second 3 day workshop that really opened me up to freely express myself in many ways.

I was encouraged by Author Laura Shore of Dangerously Poetic Press to explore poetry, and through my web design course I was introduced to blogging which I enjoy. It has given me an outlet to express my creativity and hopefully be of service to the community.

Here’s a YouTube Video of a West African Dance Workshop held in Byron Bay

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I just wanted to pass on this opportunity to see the international and award winning film Rainforest – The Secret of Life this Sunday night 1st November at 7.30pm on ABC.


I’m assured by a friend that it is well worth watching, fantastic vision and has really great information. It was filmed right on our doorstep, all around the Mt Warning caldera on the Qld – NSW border, our beautiful north coast, by David Warth of Byron Bay and narrated by Jack Thompson – so I wouldn’t miss it!

Rainforest – The secret of life, intimately follows the life and death struggles of the creatures of the rainforest. This documentary captures footage of extremely rare animals, like the amazing Albert’s Lyrebird, which is found nowhere else on Earth. This unique rainforest is home to many rare and endangered species, and is connected to many of the other rainforests around the world.

The film takes a very intimate look into the life in our local rainforests and then incorporates the latest scientific information on how rainforests are an integral part of the planets air conditioning system.

It has won a Gold Award and the Golden Tripod Award for Wildlife and Nature films from the Australian Cinematographers Society and the Jules Verne festival award for Nature films in Paris. It has recently been nominated for an award at the CMS Vatavaran environmental Film Festival in New Delhi India.
For more information click here

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There’s not much my husband couldn’t tell you about surfing as he’s been an avid surfer for over 40 years. He has many stories of his adventures in the early 70’s driving from Sydney to Byron Bay to catch the endless tubes of the north coast.

Those were the days when there was a wharf at Belongil where a waste pipe pumped blood from the Abattoir into the ocean, and surfers had to be ever vigilant on the lookout for sharks!

Just last week we were in Byron Bay and my husband was recognised as a big wave rider from Cronulla Point – which was pretty amazing as my husband left Sydney in 1979 to enjoy the great surf on the north coast.

Here’s some YouTube video footage of cyclone swell at Byron earlier this year.

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Our gorgeous 13 year old son went to Sydney to sing in the Schools Choral Festival at The Opera House, so my husband and I decided to go to the beach at Byron Bay and enjoy the early morning sunshine.

Unfortunately the northerly winds beat us to it, and even though there was a very strong wind blowing there was still a lot of activity going on: people paddling kayaks furiously against the wind, scuba dive boats going to Julian Rocks, sunbathers, people enjoying a morning walk, desperate surfers – but it was perfect weather for the kite flyer’s!

Wategoes Beach

View of Mt Warning and Border Ranges from Cape Byron Walking Track - Kayaks in foreground

We decided to park at Wategoes Beach at the bottom of The Cape, and take the Cape Byron Walking Track and climb uphill to the lighthouse. It’s always nice to be reminded how friendly people are when sharing a beautiful walk and fantastic scenery. It’s like being on holidays for the day – I’d recommend it to anyone!

Sometimes when you are lucky there may be a pod of dolphins frolicking near by, or in the Whale Watching Season you may spot a whale. My legs were in a bit of shock at first, but it was worth the fantastic views and seeing how they’ve improved the track since I last traversed it years ago. The walking track is part of the Cape Byron Headland Reserve. Click here for more information

It used to be a goat track – which reminds me – there are no mountain goats on the headland anymore. Does anyone remember seeing the mountain goats on the steep cliffs years ago. I think they were taken away because they were not environmentally friendly!

For more information about Cape Byron Walking Track click here

Cape Byron Lighthouse

Cape Byron Lighthouse

Byron Bay is always a fabulous day out, and take the tip about parking at Wateoges Beach if you prefer to save yourself the $7 fee to park at the lighthouse – and have a good workout too!

To view a travel site about Byron Bay with lovely photos click here

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