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Well the daylight saving season has descended upon us again and has caught many people unawares – as I’m sure it used to start at the end of October. When I found out it was upon us so soon, I like many others have said “Oh no, is it that time already?

For many people who don’t live near the border of Queensland (which does not participate in daylight savings) it’s not such an issue. But for new comers and visitors to the area, there is a lot of confusion about what time it is. Many an appointment is missed until you get into the routine of being conscious of what side of the border you are on, and what time zone the appointment is for.

My parents live on the Queensland side of the border in Coolangatta and are on daylight savings time to avoid being late to things, like the banks and shops in Tweed Heads, on the New South Wales side. On the other hand, my Mother in-law who also lives in Coolangatta, is on Queensland time.

My Sister lives in Brisbane and feels that she loses 2 ½ hours, instead of the 1 ½ hours it takes to drive to family gatherings at Coolangatta on DST time – that’s when it’s called ‘daylight stealings time!’ So when it comes to family gatherings, we all have to synchronize our timing in order to meet at the same time!

Things can get a bit crazy, but I look forward to the summer evenings where I will take the time for a walk after the heat of the day, and enjoy the magic of this area.


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