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I have to confess that I have taken Christmas off this year and left the north coast for an overseas holiday with my husband and youngest son – to fulfill a desire to visit the beautiful beaches of Southern Thailand after 22 years.

Phuket – Krabi area is famous for spectacular limestone rock towers, island out crops and beautiful beaches. We enjoyed a longboat tour of the islands and snorkelling amoungst tropical fish in the pristine waters of the coral reefs and it’s been a fantastic experience for our 13 year old son.

It took a few days to penetrate the heart of the country and find the genuine honest and kind Thai people that we remembered them to be, but I am affraid we have been disappointed by the overdevelopment and greed that has invaded this beautiful region.

The end result is realising what I already knew, that there’s no place like home. The north coast of NSW is a fantastic place to live and for a laid back lifestyle it’s hard to find better. I just have to make time to get out and enjoy the many beautiful beaches we have access to on the north coast – it’s heaven right here!

I would like to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a fantastic New Year.
Thanks for all the support I have had for this blog and encouragement along the way.
Best Wishes to all


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Well the daylight saving season has descended upon us again and has caught many people unawares – as I’m sure it used to start at the end of October. When I found out it was upon us so soon, I like many others have said “Oh no, is it that time already?

For many people who don’t live near the border of Queensland (which does not participate in daylight savings) it’s not such an issue. But for new comers and visitors to the area, there is a lot of confusion about what time it is. Many an appointment is missed until you get into the routine of being conscious of what side of the border you are on, and what time zone the appointment is for.

My parents live on the Queensland side of the border in Coolangatta and are on daylight savings time to avoid being late to things, like the banks and shops in Tweed Heads, on the New South Wales side. On the other hand, my Mother in-law who also lives in Coolangatta, is on Queensland time.

My Sister lives in Brisbane and feels that she loses 2 ½ hours, instead of the 1 ½ hours it takes to drive to family gatherings at Coolangatta on DST time – that’s when it’s called ‘daylight stealings time!’ So when it comes to family gatherings, we all have to synchronize our timing in order to meet at the same time!

Things can get a bit crazy, but I look forward to the summer evenings where I will take the time for a walk after the heat of the day, and enjoy the magic of this area.

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After growing up in Sydney, I first came to the North Coast of NSW in 1982, and instantly fell in love with the beauty of the area and felt like I belonged here. I have moved around between Byron Bay and the Tweed Valley since then.  For more information about me Click here

In this blog I would like to share some of the events, happenings, and the incredibly beautiful scenery from the magnificent beaches, to the sub-tropical rainforests that surround us. I will also include interesting links and web related tips.

I was in a Cafe yesterday where I overheard people saying “Once you move here, you never leave”. It has been my experience, and that of many others as it is a magnificent part of the world to live in, but the north coast can also be transitory for many people.

I also saw this sign yesterday, in the aftermath of the Repco Rally


Can anyone enlighten me to what that means?

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