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Here’s a blogging tip I found for people using WordPress blogs.
Have you ever lost your post and have been frustrated because of the time you put into it? I found a great article about the Post Revisions feature on WordPress, that keeps track of your revisions and allows you to restore them.

If you want to make an Image Gallery on WordPress like I have made in the post about Tumbulgum on the Tweed River and Uki Village, here’s a WordPress video on how to Create an Image Gallery.

Upon reviewing my posts using the image gallery, I have found that the larger ‘stand alone’ images I had inserted in these posts are now not visible – though previously they were. I would advise not using separate images in posts using the image gallery as they are the only posts that have been affected in this way.

For a post with lots of links and interesting information about the great features on WordPress, click here


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There are millions of sites out there on the net and in my Web Design course we are taught many different methods for creating a profile on the net and getting your website/business/product known.

Blogging is a tool that can be used to share your creativity with the world, network, become famous, help on-line businesses lift their rankings, make money or connect with people who share interests, activities and information. Linking to other sites is a good way to create online connections.

Some other students of Web Design have created WordPress blogs associated with their profession or business. One such student has posted a very informative article about the Therapeutic Benefits of Massage on her blog. To view Yaninayoga’s blog click here

Scribd is a very popular service that people use to share information and creating links to their sites is one method for attracting visitors. I like sharing information and I have created a tutorial on Creating a Hyperlink in PDF File Using Adobe InDesign CS4 as people have had trouble making hyperlinks work in PDF files when uploaded to Scribd.

I have embed the tutorial here so people can print or download immediately. I also have created a tutorial on How to Embed a Scribd Document into a WordPress Blog

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